The Hilbert Museum of California Art is ADA-compliant and committed to making its exhibitions and programs accessible to all visitors. The museum is all on one level, and the main entrance is even with the parking lot and sidewalk. Visitors whose vehicles display a valid state-issued disability placard may park in either of the two disabled-designated spaces in front of the museum, or in any other space (museum or CU), and do not require a museum parking permit. All restrooms in the building are accessible.

Visitor drop-off and pick-up are allowed at the Museum’s main entrance. The Museum is approximately half a block from the OCTA and Chapman University bus stop in the roundabout near Streamliner Diner (formerly Ruby’s Diner), and all sidewalks from the bus stop to the Museum are flat. The Orange train station (served by MetroLink’s Orange County line and Inland Empire-Orange County line) is approximately one block west.

By law, service animals are permitted inside all Chapman University facilities, including the Hilbert Museum. Emotional support and/or comfort animals are not classified as service animals and will not be permitted. If necessary to determine whether an animal is a service animal, Chapman staff may inquire whether an animal is a service animal required because of a disability and what work or task the service animal has been trained to perform.

If a service animal is not housebroken or is out of control and the handler does not take effective action to control it, the handler may be asked to remove the service animal from museum and informed that they may return to the museum without the service animal.

Contact a Museum staff member immediately. For urgent assistance, dial 911.